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Liam Resnekov

Liam is a black belt in Gracie Humaita Jiu Jitsu under Professor Bruno Panno from the legendary Royler Gracie Academy and is also highly trained in both judo and wrestling. He is the co-head coach and owner of VT1 MMA Academy. He started Martial Arts when he was five years old and he never stopped.

In 1994, he saw Royce Gracie win the UFC using Gracie Jiu Jitsu and since that day he was hooked. As Jiu Jitsu wasn’t available in NSW he continued his other martial arts study until he found an academy in 1998. His first training was under Mario Sperry, from the legendary Carlson Gracie Academy. They were famed for their Vale Tudo (no holds barred) Champions and being a dominant force in the World Gi and No Gi Circuit.

In 2001, the academy was taken over by Professor Bruno Panno and Liam began to train in the Helio Gracie style of Jiu Jitsu, providing him with a well rounded exposure to the art.

He continues to travel the world, training with the top teams to bring back the cutting edge Jiu Jitsu and MMA to VT1 Academy every year. He also studies the art of coaching from the masters in other competitive sports.

“The best never rest” is his motto.

Achievements include:
• #1 Contender in the Xtreme Fighting Championships
• 1st at Multiple State and National Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Titles
• 1st Rio Sul Open Brazil
• 2nd at ADCC Australia and New Zealand Trials
• 1st at Multiple Eastern Conference and Australia University Judo Championships

 Liam Blackbelt


Liam with Richie and Lai


VT1 Head Coach Liam Resnekov Gracie Humaita BJJ Black Belt


Dylan Resnekov

Dylan Resnekov is the 2009 World Muay Thai Champion, State and Australian Belt holder, with over 26 trips to Thailand, he has fought in Thailand, Cyprus and Jamaica on some of the biggest shows in the world.

He started his martial arts journey at the young age of 3 years old under the guidance of his Black Belt parents and following in his brother’s footsteps.  By the age of 15 Dylan had already trained in Judo, Karate, Wrestling and Boxing and was assisting the kids class at his parents Karate studio.

During his professional fight career he spent time in Thailand  working in the emergency rescue team during the Tsunami. Later he became the first westerner to be offered a position in the Koh Samui Rescue Team where he volunteered his time between training sessions to help those in need. 

After retiring as a fighter, Dylan officially became a Khru/teacher in the ancient art of Muay Thai. He has produced local and state champions as well as being the head striking coach for VT1’s MMA Team which has produced two UFC fighters. 

He is the head Muay Thai coach and co-owner of VT1 Academy and takes a small group to Thailand every year to learn, travel and experience the birthplace of Muay Thai.

 His motto is “There are no obstacles that can’t be overcome with hard work, intelligence and heart”.

Achievements include:

  • NSW Muay Thai Champion
  • 2 x Australian Muay Thai Champion
  • World Muay Thai Champion 2009 
  • State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • Coach of multiple State Muay Thai Champions
  • Coach of multiple UFC fighters.
  • Head Muay Thai Coach at VT1 Academy

VT1 Head Coach Dylan Resnekov holding Thai Pads for the Kids

Dylan - Jamaica VT1 Muay Thai Head Coach - Dylan Resnekov

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