MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

VT1 Mixed Martial Arts brings the intensity and excitement of the UFC into a controlled, safe and easy to learn Martial Arts program.

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world today. It is the most comprehensive fighting style, combining elements of Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling. Practitioners are taught a well-rounded fight game including striking, takedowns, submissions and even how to use the cage to their advantage.

Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, our Mixed Martial Arts program is perfect for anybody who wants to get in shape, learn the art of MMA, learn practical self-defense or even have a career in fighting. Our experienced instructors take you through everything you need to know in a safe and fun learning environment. Our gym boasts a full octagon to train in and a great program that is easy to learn.

Our program includes:

  • Focused training on how to throw punches, kicks and apply submission techniques.
  • How to defend yourself against strikes, clinches and on the ground.
  • Increasing your overall energy, focus and stamina.
  • Strengthening your body and improving overall health.
  • Learning self-confidence, self-esteem and discipline.

Learn MMA the best way with our C.O.R.E MMA system, a system that will systematically teach you to fight like the top UFC fighters.

Our program isn’t for brawlers or thugs, an MMA practitioner doesn’t even need to be a ‘tough guy’. A good practitioner keeps his ego off the mat, is someone who can play a smart fight game by controlling and keeping the fight where they want it. This is what our program will teach you! We cater to all levels, sizes and shapes and even run a Teens class!

Whether you want to be a UFC Champion, want to reach your fitness/self-defense goals or just have some fun, our C.O.R.E MMA program is what you’ve been looking for!


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